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Satyam Hospital is 18 beds Multispecialty Hospital with special emphasis on Urological and Maternity services 
In NIT, Faridabad. It has been established with a mission to provide health facilities at an affordable cost while maintaining the highest standards of ethical practice and professional competency.

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  1. A of 70 years with solitary functioning kidney on dialysis with multiple comorbidity had a very extensive stone ( complex staghorn type) that too translucent (not visible on fluoro through which we see the stone at time of surgey) in nature.PCNL was done in 3 stages with due safety measures in view of multiple comorbidity and finally patient was stone free and dialysis free after 5 yr of follow up.
  2. Another case of very large prostate of 200 gm done by Holep ( holmium laser enucleation of prostate)  without any complications of urinary incontinence or bleeding or stricture with 5 yr of follow up.
  3. This is the case of stricture urethtra after TURP with complete blockage at bulbomembranous junction. BMG ( buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty) was done successfully. Patient is absoulutely fine after 3 yr of follow up. BMG urethroplasty is a very complicated procedure in which we take tissue from inside of cheek and put it inside the urethra.
  4. This is a case of very small capacity urinary bladder after tuberculosis.Patient was having urinary leak all the time.Augmentation cystoplasty was done to increase the capacity of bladder and it was done successfully without any complication.Post surgery functional bladder capacity was 250 ml with a voiding time 2-3 hrs. Augmentation cystoplasty is reconstructive surgery in which we take patch of instestine and place it inside the bladder.
  1. Hypospadias is the disease of paediatric age group and involve a reconstructive procedure of making new urethra with local skin flaps.we have many cases these types with almost 100 % success rate.
  2. Renal transplant surgery involving multiple vessels and age group as small as of 3 yrs successfully.

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