Dr. Vipin Gupta

About Me:

Dr. Vipin Gupta is working as a senior Urologist and Andrologist since 2005 in Faridabad. He has worked with all corporate organisations including Fortis Healthcare, Metro Hospital, RG stone Hospital, and Asian Hospital. At present, he is running his own hospital Satyam Hospital Stone & Maternity center in NIT Faridabad.

Areas of interest:-

1. Laser Endourology
2. Urological Reconstructive Surgery
3. Laparoscopic Uro Surgery
4. Andrology & Male Infertility
5. Renal Transplant Surgery

Laser Endourology

  1. Using holmium laser surgery for all types of complicated renal stones and prostate such as PCNL, RIRS, HOLEP, etc.
  2. Vast experience in Hole of up to 200 g prostates with large bladder stones.
  3. Vast experience in RIRS of complicated stones.
  4. Vast Experience in PCNL surgery including
  5. Mini perc (Keyhole surgery)
  6. Complete Staghorn
  7. Renal stone in malrotated Kidney , Ectopic Kidney
  8. Renal stone in paediatric patients
  9. Lap assisted pcnl

Urological Reconstructive Surgery

  1. Done more then 500 urethroplasties including
  2. full length penile structure
  3. Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty
  4. Penile implant surgery
  5. Hypospadias surgery

 Urooncology Surgery (laparoscopic/open)

  1.  All types of urological procedures, Nephrectomies, Pyeloplasty, Cystectomy with ileal conduit and neobladder.

Andrology And Male Infertility

  1. Medical and Surgical Management of Erectile dysfunction
  2. VEA, Vasovasostomy
  3. Penile Implant

Renal Transplant Surgery

  1. Exposed to transplant surgery since MCh (2005-2008)  under Dr. P.C. Chibbar.
  2. Shared working experience with eminent transplant surgeons like Dr. H.S. Bhatyal and Dr. Vijay Lakshmi.
  3. Took up transplant as area of interest since 2011 and done about 100 transplant surgery since then including difficult cases like
  4. Transplant in pediatric patient as young as three months
  5. Transplant in cases with multiple vessels in renal pedical (arteries & Veins)


  1. Urological Society of India
  2. North Zone Urology Society of India
  3. I.M.A. Academy of Medical Specialities, Faridabad
  4. Society Internationale Urologie
  5. Delhi Urological Society

Research Work

  1. Retrospective and prospective analysis of tubercular fistula in 2000
  2. Retrospective and prospective analysis of Fascia Lata Sling in female stress urinary incontinence 2004

Post MCh work experience:

  1. Assisted in ‘renal transplant and urological laparoscopy’ with Dr. P.J.Chibber.
  2. Clinical associate in ‘andrology and male infertity’ with Dr. Rupin Shah.
  3. Clinical associate in ‘urological oncology’ with Dr.H.M. Tongaonkar and Dr.T.P. Yuvraj at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
  4. Clinical associate in ‘pediatric urology’ with Dr.Harshad Punjani.
  5. Have undergone simulated training programme on ‘laparoscopic urology’organised by GMC, Mumbai and Ethicon Institute of Surgical Education,Mumbai.
  6. Consultant urologist 2005 at Escort Hospital and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. Faridabad.
  7. Senior urologist 2009 at RG stone urology clinic at Fortis Escorts hospital and research centre.
  8. Senior urologist at Metro Hospital with Multispecialty at Faridabad since 2010.
  9. Senior Urologist & HOD, Urology and Renal Transplant at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad since 2011 – 2021
  10. Senior Urologist and andrologist at Satyam Hospital Stone & Maternity Centre as a visiting faculty from 2021.


  1. Had many publications in national and international journals.

List of conferences/seminars/CME attended:

  1.  Workshop on laparoscopic surgery at JLN Medical College, Ajmer 5 Dec 1999.
  2. Paper presentation on ‘tubercular fistula in ano’ in ASICON, 2000.
  3. Speaker in 1st national cadaver transplant CME at LTMMC mumbai 7,8th Sep 2002.
  4. Paper presentation on ‘unusual complications of retrograde pyelography’ in west zone USICON 2002.
  5. Paper presentation on ‘endometriosis of bladder a case report’ in west zone USICON 2002.
  6. CME and workshop on ‘practical approach to paediatric urology at Bombay hospital institute of medical sciences, Mumbai 13-14th Dec 2002.
  7. 37th USICON at kochi 2004
  8. Master class female urology, Mumbai 28-29th Feb 2004.
  9. 22nd World congress of endourology & SWL, 20th basic research symposium, Mumbai, India 2-5th Nov 2004.
  10. 2nd workshop on basic and advanced techniques of PCNL at Lion Kidney Hospital & Urology Research Institute, New Delhi, 15-16th April 2006.
  11. North Zone USICON 2007.
  12. USICON 2008 (poster presentation).
  13. RIRS workshop at Fortis Flt Lt.Rajan Dhall Hospital Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 5-6th July 2008.
  14. Live operative workshop on RIRS at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon 10th Jan 2010.
  15. North Zone USICON 2010.
  16. USICON 2011.
  17. RIRS workshop, Panipat in 2012.
  18. Latest and Best in BPH, International Workshop in Ahemdabad, Gujrat, 2013.
  19. Urethroplasy Workshop in Kulkarni Endosurgery Institute in Pune 2014.
  20. North Zone Usicon 2014
  21. Chairperson for the workshop on Stress Urinary Incontinence in Asian Institute of Medical Sciences 2014
  22. Had attended many conferences and chairing sessions in different forums.

Had moderated many workshops and CMEs in conferences.

Conducted various seminars and CMEs for surgeons and practitioners in local areas of Faridabad.